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NPI numbers:

Jurupa Valley Doulas,llc: 1396462313

Jessica: 1841902681

Daniel: 1083331011

Trina: 1023729183

Accepting the following Medi-Cal insurance:


KAISER permanente


How the process works

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Fill out the application.

We review your Application to receive services from our Perinatal

Support Program.


Schedule an Introduction

We will acknowledge receipt of Jurupa Valley Doulas, Perinatal Support Program application through a text message and schedule a phone call.


Once phone call introduction is done, we will email you a link to fill out the required Intake documents.

Please note: Participation in program can only be secured upon completion of intake forms.

Launch & Implementation

Le podemos brindar apoyo en Español

Lo siguiente son los servicios cubiertos por

su aseguranza de Medi-Cal:

• 1 visita inicial.

• 8 visitas prenatales/posparto.

• Apoyo durante el trabajo de parto y el parto

(Vaginal o Cesaría)

• 2 visitas posparto de 3 horas.

Orgullosamente Bilingüe

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Servicios de apoyo

Podemos brindar apoyo de las siguientes maneras:

  • Educación sobre el parto: preparación para el parto usando rebozo, Peanut Ball, aromaterapia, acupresión y más.
  • Trabajo de parto y parto: vaginal o cesárea
  • Postparto: Bebé menor de 12 meses
  • Adopción: Actualmente embarazada o bebé menor de 12 meses.
  • Pérdida del embarazo: aborto espontáneo, aborto, pérdida por muerte fetal aniversario menor de 12 meses.

About Senate Bill 65

The following are the services

covered by Medi-Cal:

• 1 initial visit.

• 8 visits prenatal/postpartum

• Support during labor and delivery

(Vaginal and Cesarean Section)

• 2 postpartum visits of 3 hours

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Support services

We can provide support in the following ways:

  • Childbirth Education : Preparing for Labor using Rebozo, Peanut Ball, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, and more.
  • Labor and Delivery : Vaginal or Cesarean Section
  • Postpartum: Baby under 12 months
  • Adoption: Currently pregnant or baby under 12 months
  • Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage, Abortion, Stillbirth loss

anniversary under 12 months.

Families Testimonies

Birthworker Team



lead birthworker




Community Involvement

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We are active advocates for programs in our community. Have participated in Advocacy Day in Sacramento, CA to share our story and the importance of such programs remaining in our community.

Nurse-Family Partnership



Jessica is currently a serving member in the Jurupa Valley CDAC (Community Development Advisory Committee). She was Appointed by the Jurupa Valley Mayor.

Jurupa Valley Government



Daniel was the Representative and Vice Chair Person for the District Advisory Council representing Sunnyslope Elementary. He was also voted for a 2 year term into Sunnyslope Elementary, School Site Council as a Board Member.

Sunnyslope Elementary

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